Bird proofing that won’t leave a bad impression

In urban settings, property owners can face many challenges when it comes to managing birds. Ledges and roofs will be attractive perches to them and also make handy locations for nests, leading to droppings, feathers and other debris. If left unmanaged the presence of the birds can lead to health concerns as they can carry various bacteria, viruses and parasites that can be harmful to humans. Continue reading

Repairing and restoring 19th century churches

There was a huge increase in the number of churches being constructed around the country throughout the 19th century. This was due to population increases and general revivalism in the Church of England. The return to ancient forms of worship brought about the need for new furnishings and equipment within the church. The new manufacturing areas such as London and the North of England had high volumes of people wanting to attend church, but not enough churches to accommodate them. Continue reading

Protecting gutters from acid rain damage

Many of us have made efforts to live in a more environmentally friendly way over the last few decades, and many of these steps have had a significant and very beneficial effect. One of the clearest ways this can be seen is in the dramatic reduction of acid rain levels we now experience in the UK. A push to reduce sulphur and nitrogen emissions has seen a fall in man made contributions towards acidity in rainwater, with the measured level currently 90% lower than it was in the 1980s. However, the reality is that neither we nor the rest of the world can ever be completely free of acid rain. This is something which must be kept in mind when arranging cleaning services for roofs and gutters. Continue reading

British people have a deep love for their churches

The National Churches Trust recently carried out a survey which showed more than half of adults in Britain think that more Government funding should be provided to churches. This news comes at a time when it has been announced that Shrewsbury Cathedral will receive a £750,000 renovation, which will be partly enabled by Government funds. It is hoped that this will signal more new investments into the future of Britain’s churches. Continue reading

Installing proactive lightning protection

In matters of safety it is always better to be proactive and put preventative measures in place than to react only when a problem arises. This is particularly true when it comes to lightning protection because it is very difficult to predict when it will occur and where it will strike. An efficient lightning protection system will protect the property, its contents and inhabitants, and will give you peace of mind even if it is never needed. Continue reading